활기찬 생활을 할 수있는 8가지의 비밀
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2014-06-21 10:53:34
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1. Exercise
I’ve chosen to start with the most ironic thing ? how can you exercise if you don’t have energy? I know it sounds strange, but sometimes you need to invest energy in order to gain energy. Exercising, even when you don’t feel like doing it, increases blood circulation and oxygen, helps to dissolve stress which is known to drain our energy, and gives us a sense of achievements with positive work on our body. Do activities that you love, and diversify with different activities for a total body workout.

2. Get enough sleep
I’ve written in the past about the dangers of sleep deprivation. Getting enough sleep is essential for optimum body function. Aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Prepare your room for a good night sleep by making it dark and quiet. Also prepare yourself for a good night sleep: avoid stimuli like caffeine and alcohol and avoid exciting entertainment. If you have trouble sleeping, you can try one of the 12 best herbs for insomnia, or one of this foods to get better sleep, try a warm bath or soothing music.

3. Work on your mind
We spend a lot of energy about analyzing things from the past, while worrying too much about the future. This drains a lot of our energy. Instead, channel the energy to the present by living the moment and appreciating it. Set up long term goals to look forward to and that motivate you and build your enthusiasm. Have you noticed that when you are motivated you have a lot of energy? This is because you plan something that you are passionate and excited about. Follow your inner guidance to tell you when to rest or interact, and avoid people or situations that drain your energy, while focusing instead on relaxing regimes to relieve tension.

4. Nutrition
Eliminate from your diet high calorie and low nutrient foods. Avoid sugar, soft drinks, smoking and drugs, and feed your body nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and pulses while making sure that you are well hydrated with at least 1 liter of water a day. Don’t eat heavy and late dinners and opt for a light dinner at least two hours before you go to sleep.

5. Use herbs
Complement you diet with energizing herbs like Siberian ginseng, astragalus or rhodiola rosea. The energy boosting properties of these herbs have also shown to improve concentration and memory, improve mood and enhance physical and mental performance. People who consume energizing herbs often notice that their mind is sharper, they feel less stressful and they have more energy. You can also use liver cleansing herbs to help clear out tiring toxins from your body. If you are interested in natural and herbal remedies, you can find more useful information in my e-book the Herbal Remedies Guide. This guide will teach you how to treat common ailments using herbs.

You can also diffuse at your home stimulating and uplifting essential oils such as cypress, eucalyptus, pine, juniper, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, rosemary and thyme. They will revitalize and invigorate you. If you are interested to learn more about essential oils you can find useful information in my e-book Magical Aromatherapy. This book will help you to discover the power of essential oils and the most effective ways to use them.

6. Do things that motivate you
If you feel low, do things that you enjoy and that motivate you and you will see your energy levels climbing up. Use all your senses ? see, smell, touch, taste, talk. You can do any activity that you love and that makes you feel alive, such as dancing, singing, listening to a music, painting, walking outside, and gardening. Find what energizes you, and make it a top priority in your schedule. Try to reduce tiring and time wasting activities, such as obsessive cleaning, long phone calls and negative relationships. Instead concentrate more on what fulfills you. Serve yourself first so you can empower others.

7. Check your digestion
Your body’s many systems work closely together to maintain optimal health, so when one system is off, one of the symptoms can be fatigue and lack of energy. One system that is particularly responsible for overall well-being is your digestive system which is connected to immunity, energy and even mood. If your tummy is heavy and bloated, your energy is blocked. For a good digestive system, drink enough water, eat wholesome foods, chew slowly and evacuate daily with the help of herbs or fiber if necessary. You can find here more information about the top 10 herbs to improve digestion.

8. Deal with disease
Common causes of fatigue are viruses, anemia, thyroid disorders, depression and more. Illnesses can seriously affect our energy levels and overall state. When you already have a disease, commit to your recovery with a clear diagnosis and treatment plan. Even better is if you can prevent disease before it occurs. The required energy for preventing disease is minor in comparison to the energy required to overcome it. Take the time and effort to change unhealthy habits or beliefs. You owe it to yourself if you value yourself.
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