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[구인] Hyundai Global Software (HGS) is looking for an Executive Assistant
작성자: 42air 이메일 비공개
전화번호: +1-770-355-6095
Job description for Executive Assistant

Hyundai Global Software (HGS) is responsible for designing the future software defined vehicle architecture for Hyundai Motor Group. We have staff and engineers based around the globe - (Cape Town) South Africa, (Perth) Australia, California, Louisiana, Georgia and Korea.

HGS is looking for a talented, bilingual (English and Korean) Executive Assistant to join our growing team. If you have strong social skills, a positive attitude, and are looking for a fast paced environment, then come help make HGS thrive. This position is a full-time, permanent, and onsite position in the San Francisco Bay area.

Your responsibilities:
Manage calendar/schedule - includes scheduling group events and booking conference rooms
Perform administrative support duties, including but not limited to drafting and typing correspondence, making copies, filing, preparing binders, answering and screening phone calls and directing inquiries to the proper party within the team or organization
Coordinate conference/meeting room set-up, catering, and logistical arrangements.
Assist with developing and updating PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and documents in support of team activities
Takes and transcribes notes from meetings, identifies action items and schedules reminders
Prepare, review, submit, and tracks expense reports
Project coordination experience and the ability to work well with all levels of internal management and staff, as well as outside clients and vendors
Proven ability to use the internet for research
Requires an ability to translate between Korean and English

Benefits and Compensation
Competitive salary
Medical, Dental, Vision, LTD, Life, & Add insurances
401(k) plan - Match 6%
20 days of vacation
10 Holidays

Please contact hr@42air.ai

근무지: Bay Area
작성일: 2022-11-12
번호 제목 근무지 작성일 조회
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* 본 게시판의 글들은 회사에서는 법적인 책임을 지지 않습니다.