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[구인] Accounts Receivable Specialist를 모집합니다
작성자: Jenny Kim 이메일 비공개
전화번호: 4087805564
FleetUp에서 아래와 같이 Accounts Receivable Specialist를 모집합니다.

Location: San Jose, CA ( Bay Area )
Please send your resume to jhlee@fleetup.com

[About FleetUp]

Founded in 2013 in the heart of Silicon Valley, FleetUp is a global B2B enterprise specializing in software for the Mobility Industry. Offering a competitive salary, great benefits, and the ability to work alongside a diverse team of skilled professionals, FleetUp is excited to welcome new colleagues into our organization. If you are a hard-working individual who is up for new challenges and working in a fast-paced startup environment, FleetUp might just be the perfect company for you!

We are seeking an experienced Accounts Receivable (AR) Specialist with strong communication skills to handle AR/Collections efforts for the company. You must be proactive, detail-oriented, with a strong financial background and customer service mindset to succeed in this role.

[Responsibilities for Accounts Receivable]

*Maintain precise records of all incoming payments
*Prepare and send invoices to clients
*Contact clients as needed to ensure payment of outstanding invoices
*Reconcile any irregularities in receipts
*Work collaboratively with accounts payable and other accounting staff to ensure accuracy in finances
*Audit all receipts on a determined schedule to ensure accuracy in accounting
*Generate and deliver reports to different departments as needed
*Actively investigate and resolve irregularities in both incoming and outgoing payments

[Qualifications for Accounts Receivable]

*Over 2 years experience in QuickBooks
*0-5 years experience for entry-level positions
*Expert-level experience using productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office Suite
*Strong communication skills and the ability to handle potential tense interactions with clients
*BA degree in accounting, finance, business administration or other related field may be necessary
*Location : Bay Area in California, Office location is San Jose downtown.
*A desire and ability to work collaboratively with others to accomplish daily goals
*Payment collection experience will be plus
*Language : English, Korean is plus

근무지: San Jose
작성일: 2022-11-23
번호 제목 근무지 작성일 조회
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* 본 게시판의 글들은 회사에서는 법적인 책임을 지지 않습니다.